Making the “photobooks” led me to revisit a number of articles (particularly those out-of-print and difficult to obtain) I wrote for Giancarlo De Carlo’s “Spazio e Società/Space & Society”. Revisiting the written pieces caused me to revise them and add illustrations (as I was able to do when when presenting the material as a talk). These form three books—floor, wall, roof; the friendly object+refinement and some houses+some constellations. A fourth book—arch.ed—is an account of the Bachelor of Architecture programme I initiated in 1967 at the University of Toronto. It includes portfolios of student projects, including those made by students in my design studios at Columbia and Washington Universities which amplified my work in Toronto.
I have recently added two books to this collection: RECONCILIATIONS and the gentle ART of taking a LIBERTY.
Both are adaptations of slide talks. 

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(also available in e-book format)

                                                                                          the gentle ART of taking a LIBERTY
                                                                                            (also available in e-book format)

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