Two years ago, two U of T graduates, Peter Ortved and John van Nostrand, suggested initiating an award to recognise my contribution to that Institution and the enthusiasm they and many of their colleagues had for their experience of the curriculum I developed with my colleagues for the Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1967-76.

Good as it is to be so well-remembered, I hope that the PP Fund (and the Award it endows) will perpetuate in some small degree the spirit of those eventful years. I would like to think that, on the basis of a proposal from a student (or group of students) the Award may enable a study of a place that would otherwise be difficult to visit and that the results of the study be shared with colleagues. (Not unlike the “Summer Assignments” that launched each Core Problem.)

The Fund was officially launched at a “Celebration Of Our Trip With PP” a.k.a. a dinner at Grano Restaurant, Toronto organised by Peter and John in 2010. Colleagues and friends came to it, some from great distance: LA, San Francisco, Vancouver, Yellowknife and Trondheim; a few were from distant times: the AA in London, Columbia and Washington University—all to my great and emotional delight, not to say upheaval!  Alan Littlewood, Tyler Smith, John van Nostrand and Peter Ortved reminisced and some photographs were auctioned—one donated by Bob Burley—raising a handsome sum and setting the Fund towards its $100,000 target. Peter and John are now co-chairing the administration of  a “dedicated” fund account fully supported by the University and its Department of Alumni Affairs.  (Contributions are tax-deductible!) Any questions you may have regarding the Fund should be addressed to either Peter Ortved ( or to John van Nostrand ( who have so capably undertaken every aspect of this ongoing effort.

Now two years after the “Grano Trip” event, Peter Ortved reports that the Fund has reached the $100,000 goal and is recognised as the “Peter Prangnell Award.” The first applications were received and Dustin Valen’s proposal, “Something Smells: Sympathies between Architectural and Waste Management Practices” was selected for the 2012 Award.  (The study, when completed, is to be published on the Faculty’s website.)

I have to thank everybody, friends and colleagues, who have contributed so generously to make the award a reality. I am particularly indebted to Peter Ortved and John van Nostrand for their unflagging enthusiasm, not to say confidence, in making the Award a long-lasting reality. 

As the Fund is still “active” new contributions may still be made. For information contact either Peter Ortved ( or Jacqueline Raaflaub:

The Peter Prangnell Scholarship Fund

John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design

University of Toronto

Jacqueline Raaflaub, Senior Development Officer

230 College Street, Toronto ON M5T 1R2

photo: Robert Hill